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To develop and promote best practice in management leadership through innovativeproducts and services for business growth and sustainability.

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Who We Are

Zimbabwe Institute of Management is a membership based organisation that was founded in 1957 with the aim of bridging the gap between theory and practice. The Institute’s membership compromises of individual, corporate and student members. The range of products on offer include executive diploma programs in leadership and management.

Our strategic goal is to contribute to Zimbabwe’s national development through management and leadership capacities development and ensure that business and organizations are responsive, viable and sustainable. Hence through its consultancy wing the institute develops and customises in-house training to corporate clients.

The institute develops and maintains a network system with other management institutes and training organizations locally, regionally and internationally by facilitating and organizes a range of activities and functions where executives from organizations converge to discuss topical issues, exchange information and ideas aimed at seeking solutions to concerns of business 

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“To be the leading centre of excellence in management and leadership development.”

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Zimbabwe Institute of Management
Zimbabwe Institute of Management

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